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The enforcement of noise regulations can vary depending on local laws and regulations, as well as the specific circumstances and priorities of law enforcement agencies. While it's true that some motorcycles, including certain Harley Davidson models, can be loud due to aftermarket modifications or intentionally loud exhaust systems, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are exempt from noise regulations or immune to tickets.

There can be a few reasons why it may appear that motorcycles with loud exhaust systems are not ticketed as often as cars for noise violations:

  1. Priority and resources: Law enforcement agencies may prioritize their resources differently based on public safety concerns and community needs. Loud motorcycles may not always be considered a top priority compared to other traffic violations or criminal activities.

  2. Subjectivity of noise regulations: Noise regulations can sometimes be subjective, and the enforcement can vary depending on the interpretation of the law by individual officers. Different jurisdictions may also have different noise limits and enforcement standards for motorcycles.

  3. Difficulty in enforcement: Enforcing noise regulations on motorcycles can be more challenging compared to cars. Motorcycles are more maneuverable and can easily speed away, making it harder for law enforcement to catch and stop them. Additionally, it can be more difficult to measure the precise noise levels emitted by motorcycles accurately.

  4. Exhaust modifications: Some motorcycles, including Harley Davidsons, may come with factory-installed exhaust systems that are louder than average, but still compliant with noise regulations. However, if an owner modifies the exhaust system to make it excessively loud, it may be considered illegal and subject to enforcement action.

It's essential to remember that specific regulations and enforcement practices vary across jurisdictions. If you have concerns about loud motorcycles in your area, it's best to reach out to your local law enforcement agency or municipal authorities to inquire about the specific regulations and enforcement practices in your community.

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